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Michael Kaufmann is business partner to the MENTAL DRIVE GmbH and is counselling individual clients, teams and companies as Mental Trainer and Mediator. He is an expert in developing the own personality or an entire corporate culture and shows how to successfully implement it. Michaels aim is to sustainably develop his clients as well as improving the personal development and resources of elite athletes and leaders.

Within his extensive leadership experience as CEO, Michael Kaufmann has always been a confidential person of trust to all of his employees. Being an unconditional listener has helped him to develop a high level of empathy and sensitivity for the facing challenging situations and overcoming those successfully. Additionally, Michael Kaufmann provides an extensive educational background in business as well as sports and is able to tailor any coaching to the individual needs of the client.

Michael Kaufmann is Engineer FH, is holding a MAS qualification in Change- and Organizational-Dynamics as well as qualifications in economic Mediation, Team- and Organizations-Development as well as Mental- and Fitness Training.

Ever since his childhood, Michael is very attached to Sports, especially the athletics and ice hockey. To test the own physical and mental abilities is was practicing strength-training followed by karate, in which he successfully achieved the black belt.

To test his own limitations has always been and still is an intriguing challenge for Michael Kaufmann. His main focus is to balance the physical and mental aspects so that he is able to show his peak performance. This in itself is a key by which he is able to develop and support his clients in reaching their own personal goals.

Michael Kaufmann, Dipl. Ing. FH

Business Partner

Mental Trainer MD and Mediator

Allmendstrasse 6, CH-4938 Rohrbach

Telefon: +41 79 707 45 07