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Since 2006, Rinaldo Manferdini is founder and managing director of MENTAL DRIVE GmbH. His background in elite sports is based on long-term experiences in Ski-alpine, Soccer and Judo. He later studied sport at the ETH, Zürich and history, German philology at the University of Zürich.

Rinaldo worked as primary school teacher for 4 years. He then became head teacher for German and sport at the “Kantonsschule Frauenfeld” (Switzerland) and followed his responsibilities for more than 10 years. Besides that, he was working as Ski instructor and Youth-and-sports instructor in several disciplines.

In the late 80s, Rinaldo started to work as mental trainer and nutritionist with countless elite athletes, sport clubs, associations and is responsible for several national teams. After his studies in sport and nutrition, he specialized in sports nutrition while enjoying valuable education from various specialists in orthomolecular medicine, nutritional science and trainers in elite sports.

Since 2006, Rinaldo is in cooperation with the SOMC Swiss Olympic Medical Centre, Bad Ragaz. For several years, he was expert at the Institute for Sport and cardiovascular system, holding seminars for sports psychologists and scientists.

In 2010, Rinaldo started a cooperation in counselling of competitive athletes of the Medbase-Group in Winterthur, St. Gallen and Zürich. As member of Olympia – a practice group, founded by Swiss Olympic – Rinaldo is preparing elite athletes to international events, such as World Championships and the Olympics.

Rinaldo is Author:

  • DVD Mental Training, a production of the Swiss Federation for Sport.
  • Teaching material “Good Bye Exam Nerves” and “How to overcome Exam Nerves”.

As speed reading trainer, Rinaldo is working with companies, politicians and schools. Together with H.P. Niederhäuser, he wrote the books:

  • Smart reading for primary school
  • Smart reading for intermediate and advanced level
  • Smart Readingfor adults

Memberships: Rotary-Club Neckertal, practice group Olympia by Swiss Olympic

Rinaldo Manferdini, lic. phil., Sports Teacher ETH

CEO and Founder of MENTAL DRIVE

Mental Trainer MD, Smart Reading Trainer MD and Sport Nutrition Coach

Steigstrasse 27, CH-9125 Brunnadern