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Since adolescence Tina has been active in competitive equestrian sports including showjumping and dressage. From 2000 – 2012 Tina worked in Dubai, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, USA, Sweden, England, Italy and Austria. She held seminars, clinics and workshops and achieved exceptional success nationally and internationally – as an active rider, as well as trainer. 2002 she broke the world-record in price money twice at the “Hong-Kong-Jockey-Club” breeze-up sales. 2003 – 2005 she was the first ever female trainer in charge of the national showjumping team of Dubai under His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. She also practiced martial arts on a high level and was working in personal protection and security.

Due to the invaluable experience she gained within the competitive equestrian world, mental training became an increasingly important element within the daily routine. In 2006 Tina started writing mental guidelines for her clients. Additionally, she specialized in the field of nutrition, to satisfy the needs of discerning and high-profile clients and their challenging and individual situations.

In 2014 Tina graduated as a English – German translator/interpreter HDS and was supporting clients as simultaneous interpreter on event such as WEF World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland. She achieved other qualifications within Management Consultancy, Change Management, Compliances, developing CI (CI, CC, CB, CD). Tina gained extensive leadership and management experience by building up her own companies, as manager of international trainings centres and as external management consultant. Her clients not only benefit from her invaluable experience in handling setbacks, failures, pressure and success, but also from a professional overall concept, respecting all external influences.

Since 2016, Tina is working with professional Athletes within the following disciplines: Ski, Equestrian, Ice hockey, Tennis, Karate, Golf. There she is combining performance enhancing methods with individual mental training. In business she is supporting managers, politicians, artists through their personal challenges to their goals and success. End of January 2017 she finished her studies to become a qualified Mentaltrainer MD, became business partner to MENTAL DRIVE and started working with the NHL ice hockey champions Club HCD, Davos, Switzerland. Tina is working with all junior teams as well as the professional first team and coaching the coaches. At this very time, Tina also became part of the 5* establishment Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, in Switzerland and is part of the medical team working with international clients. This house plays a leading role in the international market when it comes to highest luxurious services and best medical treatments. Besides award-winning hotels and restaurants, the Resort includes an internationally renowned Medical Centre with experts in countless medical specifications. Tina therefore is working with the most exacting and demanding clients from countries such as China, Dubai, UK, Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia, the United States, Australia.

In 2020, Tina became member of the medical team of the LOC Lichtenstein Olympic Committee, member of the medical team of SWISS Olympic and partner to the SWISS Olympic medical centre in Bad Ragaz. She develops an individual mental trainings program for her clients, tailored to their own needs, that is easy to be integrated into the daily routine, so that her clients will be able to show their best performance then when it counts.

In fall 2022, Tina became Chief Education Officer of the Hockey Club Davos HCD and is in charge of developing structures within the HCD program “health development in elite sports”.

In order to constantly learn, grow and develop, Tina started a new study to finish as Dorctor of Elite Performance.

Tina E. L. Dyck, Dipl. Translator & Interpreter HDS

Business Partner

Mental Trainer MD, Smart-reading Trainer MD and Nutritionist.

Eraplana 216, CH-7220 Schiers