Mental Drive School

We provide extensive knowledge about mental strength in exams or during presentation as well as smart reading techniques to students, parents and also within SCHILW courses for teachers.

Those who suffer from exam nerves probably know some of the following symptoms:

Shaking hands, sweating, unable to focus on the relevant facts, stomachache, headache, eating disorders, unable to recall knowledge, visualizes the worst case scenario (failure), is afraid of making mistakes, insecurity, could cry, wants to disappear in a whole, .etc. – this list is endless.

If children suffer from exam nerves, they are unable to access their knowledge from a neurological point of view. Usually, a few adjustments the reason for the development of fear of failure or exam nerves can be solved: timely structure, learning type adjusted learning, reasonable expectations and control of emotions.

Within the reading lessons in school, children do learn how to read in silent and out load, but are also educated to read slowly. Countless children lose interest in reading, due to the slow reading speed and the loss of text comprehension. Whereas when children learn to capture word pictures and move their eyes differently already in primary school, they not only read significantly faster, but also more precise and are able to recall more information. This includes children with visual impairment or reading weakness.

Mental strength is the key to success.

Mental key to success.