Mental Drive Sport

For more than 30 years, numerous elite athletes and national teams highly benefit from our expertise and know-how in professional mental training and nutrition. We support Olympic and World Champions.

Specialized mental training and high level nutrition belong to those important areas, one can increase the quality and optimize the personal performance level significantly.

Since the 1990s, we successfully collaborate with professional elite athlete and trainers in high performance sport and were able to provide and develop an extensive know-how and profound expertise in our field of specialization. This way we are able to support professional athletes in reaching their best performance level. We are proud of Olympic, World, European and countless Swiss Champions in most diverse sport disciplines among our clients.

We provide our knowledge of the mental training and nutrition modules through seminars, workshops, presentations and individual coachings. You receive information, tools and strategies from practical experience in the field of sports and nutrition science. Additional, you are able to develop your individual mental trainings program or nutritional plan within private sessions. The timeframe and duration is accordingly to the need of the client. It can vary from a short counselling, a presentation, a full day seminar or a longterm collaboration. We are working with individual clients, teams, federations, and clubs.

The goal of our intervention is to create ideal circumstances so that you will be able to show your very best performance, then when it counts.

We turn athletes into winners.

We turn athletes into winners