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Mental Training

Develop your Mental Strength!

Success in high-performance and competitive sport is no coincidence. It is the result of perfect preparation and training. Not only regarding technique and condition, but also the mental ability. Strong competitors, fear of failure, high expectations, nervousness, pressure to success, as well as external challenges – all of these elements play a key role in elite sports as well as in business.

If you are able to control your negative emotions and thoughts under pressure you create perfect conditions for your success.

Coming from a scientific and medical background, we help to understand neuro-biological- and performance-physiological connections with the lates knowledge in sport-psychology, natural-science, neurobiology and more. Since more than 20 years, we support elite athletes in reaching their highest goals on national and international events, world championships and Olympic games. In business we successfully support managers, politicians, musicians and private people in reaching their individual goals.

Challenges in politics, at concerts or in a professional routine demand a highest level of performance and are comparable with those in elite sports. Especially, when trying to stay healthy while providing best support in business, family and private time.

Control your emotions, or they will control you!

Mental Training Case Study

Dealing with Criticism

At a quick glance, one could be surprise of how many people are actually “afraid” of criticism. By taking a closer look at the individual person, the fear becomes clear. Usually, hardworking, dedicated and highly committed characters can’t be satisfied with a “good” performance and only aim for the “excellent” level. A lot of energy, passion and commitment is invested in any performance, that any critical question or feedback – regardless of how innocent and with best intentions it was given – can induce severe negative reactions. People could feel offended or misunderstood and therefore develop nervousness, fear and insecurity.

Dealing with criticism can be learned. If you find yourself in such or similar situations, mental trainings techniques can help you. Such a tool is developed systematically, tailored to the individual client’s needs and included in the preparation of the performance. Within this process, the clients attitude towards the critics and the given feedback will be analyzed as well. Due to specific tools, you learn to develop realistic goals and how to handle pressure. These tools are then implemented into the daily routine, so that you will be able to retrieve those reliably under pressure.

Our aim is to support you in developing an attitude that allows to see a chance to improve in any form of criticism. That includes to learn to differ between the way a criticism is brought forward and the actual content of the message, which then can be implemented positively. This way you develop a behavior that welcomes criticism, so that you can continuously improve your performance.

If one offers you a poisoned apple, you can take a bite. But you don’t have to and may also reject it.