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Modular Trainings Concept

Modular Mental Trainings Concept by MENTAL DRIVE

All seminars and coachings are based on the content of our 24 mental training modules. These had been developed in close collaboration with numerous clients within the elite sports, economy, management, politics and music and had been continuously improved. The modules content extensive latest knowledge from science, medicine and nutrition to the relevant topic.

Mental Basics

Possibilities, limitations and intentions of mental training programs as well as solution oriented Seminars and coachings. (dissociating from esoteric and therapy)

Mental Pressure

How to show ones best performance under high pressure.

Mental Countdown

Optimized preparation and mindset at peak performance; conscious pre-start preparation.

Mental Focus

Various forms of concentration in order to increase the focus.

Mental Energy

Controlling ones own emotions on order to use them performance enhancing.

Mental Theory

To understand stress as a product of personal patterns and evolutionary neurobiological interrelations, in order to develop strong strategies.

Mental Relax

Getting to know different techniques for relaxation, regeneration and focus training.

Mental Goals

How to use, train and adjust personal goals to mental programs.

Mental Selftalk

How personal, constructive self talk can help to control negative thoughts.

Mental Movie

Assoziative and dissociative visualization and mind movies.

Mental Conflicts

Analyzing disruptive element and eliminating those accordingly to your type of learning.

Mental Protection

To be able to protect oneself from negative impacts even in stressful situations.

Mental Power

To show your best performance exactly then, when it counts.

Mental Motion

Mental training of movement and behavior combined with optimized proprioceptive procedures.

Mental Flow

Optimizing mental and physical processes, in order to reach the flow.

Mental Motivation

Techniques for self-motivation and eliminating motivational killers.

Mental Philosophy

Analyzing the individual approach, point of view, understand and convincement while improving them positively.

Mental Killer

Replacing destructive thoughts and actions by constructive solutions.

Mental Thoughness

Developing and implementing mental strength, determination, willpower, assertiveness and staying power.

Mental Control

Perfectionism, creativity and determination can make it or brake it.

Mental Recovery

Due to mental trainings techniques rehabilitation and regeneration can be increased.

Mental Winning

Winners think differently. So do losers.

Mental Analysis

Analyzing mistakes in order to eliminate those by developing and training efficient solutions.

Mental Confidence

Strengthen confidence and resilience.

Paolo Quirici, ehemaliger Golf-Professionel und ehemaliger ASG-Sportdirektor

“the differenciate educational and counselling concept of MENTAL DRIVE belongs to the best of the industry.”

Paolo Quirici, former professional Golfer and ASG-Sports director

“The modular trainings concept by MENTAL DRIVE does not only support elite athlete in showing their best performance when its needed, but also top managers within the industry.”

Jürg Monhart, former head of education SBB Transport Police