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Training as a Mental Coach

How to become a Mental Trainer MD

All educational courses are based on the following principles:

Please feel free to choose on whether you prefer to get into all areas of mental training or if you prefer to specialize in one of the following: Sport, Business / Politics / Management, Music, School. If you are aware of the field of your interest, it is important to define the scope of the education. We are happy to offer you two possibilities:

1) Education for self-employed mental trainer, coaches, trainer, therapists and others

This highly intense education is providing knowledge of all 24 Mentaltrainings-Module von MENTAL DRIVE within 3 full days in no more than 6 weeks. Due to this extensive knowledge you will be able to evaluate and counsel your clients in a more differentiated way, as well as provide extensive knowledge within seminars, workshops and presentations.

You will be provided with all materials and additional trainings documents to work with your clients within a folder as well as additional literature suggestions.

1’400,- CHF /per day, incl. materials and lunch, excl. VAT

2) Education Mental Trainer MD / Business Partner MD

After finishing this education successfully you will be qualified to become Mental Trainer MD as well as Business Partner to the MENTAL DRIVE GmbH.

This education is providing an in-depth content of the 24 Mentaltrainings-Module von MENTAL DRIVE as well as the whole coaching and seminar concept. You will be individually prepared, trained and supervised in holding mental training seminars, -workshops and -presentations. Additionally, you will be introduced to, educated and supervised in individual mental training counselling. You will receive thorough documents and material for seminars, workshops, presentation and the individual one-on-one coaching in printed and electronic version. This includes but is not limited to PowerPoint presentations, mental trainings videos and audios.

You will be part of the extensive network of elite athletes, companies, federations, partners, Sport-Doctors and Medical Centers.

This education includes 8 full days of developing the 24 mental trainings modules, participation in several seminars of MENTAL DRIVE, taking seminar parts and presenting them in official seminars of MENTAL DRIVE incl. follow-up, several supervisions in individual coaching as well as 3 days of case conference.

This education takes a total of 21 days and generally covers a period of one year. Detailed information on request.

23’500,- CHF excl. VAT

After finishing this education successfully, you will be qualified to participate on all seminars, workshops and presentations of MENTAL DRIVE for free. This includes the regular internal schooling seminars.

You will be enable to present yourself as Business Partner MENTAL DRIVE GmbH in public and are qualified to represent the company. All terms and conditions are defined in a written cooperation contract. You will be allowed to view these documents prior to the educational journey. The further education in smart reading and nutrition is free of charge for any Business Partner MD.

If you are interested in the education to become Mental Trainer MD and Business Partner MD, please feel free to send me your application and CV to the following address:

MENTAL DRIVE GmbH, Rinaldo Manferdini, Steigstrasse 27, CH-9125 Brunnadern

If you will be accepted to the program will be decided after a personal interview.

Please never hesitate to contact founder and owner of the MENTAL DRIVE GmbH Rinaldo Manferdini, in case of any upcoming questions. Rinaldo is more than happy to be answer all of your questions in a personal conversation.

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