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Modular Nutrition Concept by MENTAL DRIVE

All seminars and coachings are based on the content of our 17 nutrition modules. These had been developed in close collaboration with numerous clients within the elite sports, economy, management, politics and music and had been continuously improved. The modules content extensive latest knowledge from science, medicine and nutrition to the relevant topic.

Like in all other coachings: respecting the individual needs of our clients is first priority.


A goal and needs oriented diet is an essential part of the daily routine, in order to keep the body cells healthy, functioning and strong.


Due to a balanced diet and specific supplementation the personal nutrient balance is optimized.


Colons health is a key component for humans health.


Blood vessels can be kept clean and the heart can be protected by the ideal diet and efficient supplements.


Joints and bones can be protected and strengthened by regular support with the most suitable nutrients.


Development and growth of muscles are supported by the most suitable diet and proper supplementation.

Glycamic Burden

Extensive knowledge about the impact of diverse carbohydrates help to keep the blood sugar level stabil.

Weight Loss / Development

Due to individual adjustments weight can successfully be controlled, gained or reduced.


A stronger mindest and focus can be develop with the help of the ideal nutrients and supplements.


A strong (Sports-) drink can way more than only satisfying thirst: It supports numerous processes within the body, which have a direct impact on health and performance level.

Acid-Base Balance

A strong acid-base balance actively supports ones health and reduces risk of injuries under physical strain.

Free Radicals

Due to continuous supply of antioxidants, body cells are protected from free radicals and the immune system is strengthened.

Phases in Life

The diet should be adjusted accordingly to the individual phase in life. This way, an ideal balance of nutrients, strong health and a high performance level is ensured.


The personal immune system is much stronger with the support of the optimized diet in combination with ideal supplements.


Regenerative physical processes need countless nutrients, which can be supplied by a balanced diet.

Training & Competition

The performance level in training and on competitions is based on a daily diet, that is performance enhancing as well as covering a fast regeneration.


Our expectations and requirements on products within the field of supplements are very high: sustainable results, proven success, micelling of fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins, an ideal absorbable concept, best tolerance, product control by the "Sportschule Köln", written guarantee in doping security as well as production after GMP.

Tina E. L. Dyck

Tina E. L. Dyck

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