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Within our nutritional coaching we ensure an improved resorption of nutrients and their transport to the cells. This way, you are able to create ideal conditions for your health, performance and regeneration. You actively support your immune system, focus and physical fitness.

Individual likes and dislikes are respected as well as personal limitations, allergies or external conditions and circumstances. Solutions will always be developed in order to suit your needs while keeping the joy of eating. Hence the combination with mental training: in the end your mind decides what to buy, choose and eat.

We analyze your current nutrition management, support you in controlling your weight (build-up or wish to loose) and in choosing natural supplements. This includes analyzing current products (higher value, dosage, combination of several products, a.s.o.)

Food is supposed to be joy! Not filled with regrets, restrictions and disappointments.

Benjamin Rusch, Golf-Profi

Benjamin Rusch, professional Golfer

«the nutritional advice supports me within my daily routine as well as on competitions. I highly recommend the vitamin and mineral products of FitLine. Especially Activize Oxyplus, Resorate, Basics and Fitness-Drink. I am able to keep my focus much longer, regenerate faster and since quite a while less illness susceptible.”

Nutrition in Business; Case Example

Loss of Concentration

Jonathan, 22 years old, economics student

He was complaining about losing his focus and concentration during university lectures. Especially throughout the second half of the morning and during the afternoons he was experiencing such “focus lows”. In contrast to his fellow students, Jonathan didn’t like coffee, nor energy drinks and didn’t want to take medication. After analyzing several parameters (including sleep duration and quality, media management (especially in the evenings), high expectations and pressure, addictive substances and medication) we address his nutrition. It turned out, that he was living a very one-sided and unbalanced diet. Vegetables, salad and fruits were missing and consuming fast food once per day was way too much. He also chose white pasta as a general meal and wasn’t willing to make adjustments within his diet. We suggested to balance with professional supplements that are covering all B vitamins. After one week, Jonathan called and informed us, that he already was able to keep the focus throughout the whole morning until lunch time. Due to this achievement, we were able to gently adjust his diet and added nuts, vegetables, fruits, fish and real meat while reducing sausage products. In a way, that Jonathan actually really enjoys his meals.

Tina E. L. Dyck

Tina E. L. Dyck

Business Partner