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Due to the professional approach of Thomas Reutimann combined with very interesting details, all our members were fascinated throughout the whole seminar. A successful combination of theoretical know how and practical examples. We are convinced f the benefit of these tools and will definitely continuously include them into our daily routine.

Erich Oberholzer, Manager Service / Member oft he board Raiffeisenbank Mittleres Toggenburg


Thomas Reutimann is catching! With his very pragmatic, motivating and solution oriented approach, Thomas provided important information and tools for an individual mental training program. We are very grateful fort he valuable tips and the outstanding collaboration.

Hanspeter Hasler, President oft he board Raiffeisenbank Hünenberg

Bauunternehmen Stutz AG

Bauunternehmen Stutz AG

Over the period of 2 years, Rinaldo Manferdini help over 100 members of our cadre to handle stress and challenges within the daily routine. The keys are mental strength, high communicational skills and time management. Mr. Manferdini shared is extensive experience and knowledge in order to support us sustainably. His passion provided highly valuable details for our very demanding responsibilities. We will continue to work with Rinaldo in the future.

Alfred Müller, President oft he board STUTZ Bauunternehmungen.

Trisa AG

Trisa AG

Volatility and demanding changes are characteristic for the current time. Especially the expectations towards our vocational trainers is constantly increasing the level of intensity. Accordingly to our annual motto “resilience – stronger as a team” we were able to learn how to grow stronger and more resilient in a seminar with Thomas Reutimann. With passion, experience and humor he explained tools and strategies for mental strength at a work place. The new ability is easily to be included into the daily routine and very beneficial for all our members. We highly recommend Thomas Reutimann as mental trainer and expert.

Raphael Schildknecht, Deputy Manager Human Resources

VBG Verkehrsbetriebe Glatttal

Verkehrsbetriebe Glatttal

Throughout the past years we allowed over 300 professional bus drivers to be trained by Mental Drive GmbH. The goal was to have the vbg announcements more often, friendlier and better. The results and evaluation over the years exceeded our expectations by far. Hence we decided to maintain this beneficial cooperation.

Matthias Keller, Director VBG

Immobilien Basel-Stadt

We are convinced that executives are ought to stay fit not only professionally, but also mentally. Not only for their own sake, but more so within the daily routine towards our employees and clients. The seminar with Thomas Reutimann completely fulfilled our target: strategies that are easy to include into the daily routine and methods to learn about mental strength. Thank you Thomas for your highly beneficial support.

Dr. Rolf Borner, Manager Immobilien Basel-Stadt

allDates AG

Smart Reading with Rinaldo Manferdini was highly beneficial for the whole team and increased the productivity sustainably! The daily amount of reading material grows constantly and takes time, we rather invest in more important responsibilities. As consulting company in lean management we are focused on recognizing and eliminating prodigalities. This we achieved within this workshop! If one thinks now, that we miss important information – far off! Smart reading means reading more in detail AND faster – smarter!

Christoph Gantner, CEO and owner allDates AG

SBB Transportpolizei

Our team experiences a lot of pressure on a daily base and often have to make smart and competent decisions within seconds. Since mental training programs have to be available at all times, we were only willed to work with an expert who provides long-term and extensive knowhow and experience within elite sport and the industry. The positive feedback of our team proof an outstanding level of quality of Mr. Manferdini.

Jürg Monhart, former Chief Education SBB Transport Police

Luzerner Kantonalbank AG

We experienced Mr. Thomas Reutimann from Mental Drive as highly motivated, solution oriented, reliable, well prepared and extremely passionate. We thank for the fantastic counselling during our program “in balance” as support for our employees.

Beat Bieri, Manager Personal Controlling, Luzerner Kantonalbank AG, 6003 Luzern

Convida AG

The resilience training from Mental Drive enabled our employees to remain calm and in control while coping with stress and pressure. Therefor they perform efficiently and cope with challenges successfully.

Heinz Schütz, Founder Convida AG

Cembara Money Bank

The amount of reading material we have to cope with on a daily base is constantly increasing. Due to this development we invited Mr. Maferdini to school our employees in specific reading techniques, by which one can read faster while memorizing all information. The smart reading seminar with Rinaldo Manferdini was highly successful and the members of the Cembra Money Bank were very satisfied with the result.

Linda Kochinky, HR Learning & Development Specialist and Project Coordinator