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Simon Ehammer Decathlon

Several top placings at national and internationl Decathlon

Thanks to the individual coaching from Rinaldo Manferdini from MENTAL DRIVE, I got strong tools in mental training while being at the Sportschule Appenzellerland

I learned from scratch how to control pressure, eliminate disruptive factors, remain solution oriented and establish mental strength.

Sandrine Benz, Olympischer Triathlon

Sandrine Benz Olympic Triathlon

5x World Champion in short distance Duathlon and Triathlon

Within the leadership group of a triathlon competition you reach the point in which not the legs but the mind carries the body forward. Due to the professional and individual mental training of Rinaldo Manferdini, I was able to achieve national and international medails even on such days, when I physically was not in my best shape. Thanks to his support in developing a strong mind I was able to reach the impossible, in 2017.

With the continuous suplements form Fit Line products throughout the past years, I was able to remain fantastic performances throughout regular medical tests, despite the high trainings and competition intensity.

Benjamin Rusch, Golf

Benjamin Rusch Golf

Multiple wins on the ProGolf Tour

The mind plays a key role in Golf. If high expectations add up to intense pressure on important competitions, it definitely shows whether or not you have trained mental strategies in order to still show your best Golf performance. Since 2007, I am working with Rinaldo Manferdini not only in mental training, but also in nutrition. His support is highly beneficial within my daily routine and I strongly suggest the supplements: Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements from FitLine . Especially: Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, Basics and Fitness-Drink. I am able to hold a longer focus, regenerate faster and my health is much stronger ever since.

Nicole Good, Ski alpin

Nicole Good Alpine Skiing

Junior World Champion in the combination

The top elite in Ski sport is so tight, that pressure and expectations are extremely high. In order to still remain in control, calm and ready to perform at a race, I am working with Rinaldo Manferdini, MENTAL DRIVE.

He not only provides extensive know-how in mental training, but I can also benefit from his own experiences as skier and his qualifications and sport teacher and ski trainer.

The products from FitLine built up a stronger ability to react, focus, and development of muscle growth as well as supporting my immune system.

Miryam Mazenauer, Kugelstossen

Miryam Mazenauer Shot Put

Multiple Swiss Champion

Thanks to the work with Tina Dyck, I was able to learn different stratgies to show my best performance also on competitions. The training from MENTAL DRIVE did help me to professionally prepare my season and also focus on my own performance during the event.

Yves Lindegger Motorradsport

Yves Lindegger Motorcycling

Several national and international top placings

Motorcycling is hiding huge challenges for your mind and focus. We are constantly challenged in fine-tuning adjustments – not only regarding the machine, but also for the driver. Hence I started working with an expert for mental training who also had long term experiences in my sport: Rinaldo Manferdini, MENTAL DRIVE. This know-how supports and strengthens me at every single race, which allows me a stabil and constant performance.

Adrian Gerber Hornussen

Adrian Gerber Hornussen

President Hornusser Association Reinach

The mental training with Thomas Reutimann showed me divers possibilitites to reach your goals.

It’s all in our mind. Every since the mental trainings seminar, I am much calmer at performing. Due to my personal strength and development, my results also improved.

Antonia Gmünder Leichtathletik

Antonia Gmünder Athletics (track and field)

U 20 Swiss Champion Heptathlon / combined athletic indoor event

In Heptathlon we constantly are challenged to switch from one discipline to another, regardless of the recent result. It is highly important to only prepare the very next disciplin and completetly stay in the moment. Not only within taktic, technique and physically – but especially emotionally and mentally. The training with MENTAL DRIVE in elite sport did help me a lot.  

Sandra Graf Handbike

Sandra Graf Handbike

Olympic Champion Handbike Paralympics

The collaboration with Rinaldo Manferdini helped me to stay calm and in control even in challenging situation so I was able to show my whole performance level then when it counts.

Nina Stadler Tennis

Nina Stadler Tennis

Several Wins, WTA 414

Due to the mental training of Mental Drive I am able to control my emotions under pressure and perform with much higher stability and consistency.

Oli Widmer Tontaubenschiessen

Oli Widmer Skeet Shooting

Vice Swiss Champion

In order to stay on among the elite top in skeet shooting, one has to be able to remain physically supple while being highly focused at the same time. This way the perfect and precise movement at the right time is possible. Expectations, disturbing elements and pressure can only destroy your perfect mindset and therefor your success. Due to the individual training with MENTAL DRIVE I was able to prepare myself step by step so I am able to show my very best performance then when it counts.

Frigg Hauser Segelfliegen

Frigg Hauser Sailplane

During longterm races that can take several hours, mental staying power combined with the ability to process constant information is the key to success. Together with Tina Dyck from MENTAL DRIVE I was able to bring together essential puzzle pieces in preparation to the FAI Sailplane Grand Prix Final in Chile and onwards success.

Frigg Hauser, Coach Elite National Sailplane, first Swiss participant at the FAI Sailplane Grand Prix Final in Chile.

Ramon Tanner Eishockey

Ramon Tanner Icehockey

EHC Biel

Being able to show your best performance on the ice usually is a question of your mindset. Due to the solution oriented counselling of MENTAL DRIVE, I was able to focus on the important elements not only in training, but also during the matches. Regardless whether it meant a higher focus on technique, tactic or emotional control.

Da Ros Malin Curling

Da Ros Malin Curling

Swiss Junior Champion, Member of the National Curling Team

Being able to place the stone exactly as the team tactic is demanding it is essentially important. High expectations to place every single stone as perfect as possible is part of our daily business. Once we reach a point of stressful situations that could make or break the win, we have to be able to stay mentally strong and in control. With the mental trainings concept of MENTAL DRIVE I not only learned to control my emotions under pressure, but also gained highly valuable knowledge about how to include proprioceptive procedures into the technic training.

Samir Leuppi Schwingen

Samir Leuppi Schwingen - "Swiss Wrestling"

«Eidgenosse» with numerous «Kränze» (crowns), Junior «Schwing» Champion

In the Swiss Wrestling «Schwingen» the national elite is extremely tight. Being technically strong and physically fit is not enough anymore. Professional mental training and nutrition have become just as important for a successful performance. Due to the individual mental training from Rinaldo Manferdini, I am able to focus on the important elements and the supplements from FitLine provide the needed support: Restorate allows a much faster regeneration, Activize Oxyplus supports a stronger focus and Basics strengthens my immune system significantly.

Jasmin Preisig Autorennsport

Jasmin Preisig Motor racing

Numerous Podium Positions at diverse Motor Races

Motor racing is extremely fast. One is ought to make the right decision within split-seconds. A single mistake can cause fatal consequences. Due to this high risk it is essentially important to not only train your physical fitness but also your mental strength. Also hectic and stressful situations with the team (bevor or during a race) ask for a very strong mindset. That’s why I chose to work with MENTAL DRIVE.

Nina Riedener Langlauf

Nina Riedener Cross-Country Skiing

The expectations within todays competitions are extremely high. The includes not only the physical fitness but also the mental strength. Its important to also optimize the nutrition to improve every single detail. Wthin these challenges, I fully trust the collaboration with MENTAL DRIVE and feel well prepared for the Olympic Winter Games 2022.

Sabin Nigg Reitsport

Sabin Nigg Show Jumping

The individual mental training with Tina Dyck gave me confidence, courage and control in challenging situations. Equestrian sport is asking for a higher level of mental control at competitions, due to the highly sensitive horses. Today, I am feeling this control and inner peace so that I am able to guide my focus solution oriented right when it counts. I am able to react quickly to the daily individual changes of my horse in order to bring out our best team performance. The continuous success and development proves us right.

Michael Albasini Radrennen

Michael Albasini Cycling Race

Numerous Wins in Tours, Stages and Pelotons

The individual mental trainings program did help me duing my whole career. I was able to perfectly prepare each race, control my muslce tensions and was focused, ready and full of energy at the competitions. I highly recommend any athlete a mental training and nutritional coaching with Mental Drive!

Pascal Blunschi Kickboxen

Pascal Blunschi Kickboxing

Double World Champion in Kickboxing

Mental strength is a key element in kickboxing. The slightest weakness can cause a defeat. To also be prepared in this area, I was reaching out to Rinaldo Manferdini, as he is providing the best expertise. Way too long I was holding myself back with negative thoughts. Due to Rinaldos training, I was able to positively prepare the competitions and returned to the road of success.

Also the regular use of FitLine-Products (Activize Oxyplus, Basics, Restorate, Fitness-Drink) did make a huge difference in regeneration, focus and performance level.

Petra Henzi Mountainbike

Petra Henzi Mountainbiking

World Champion and World Cup Winner in Mountainbiking

Thanks to the individual mental training and sports nutrition I was able to show my best performance then when it counts: at the World Championships 2005 in Italy and Norway. Due to the mental trainings program of Mental Drive I was able to achieve the best results of my career on international level.

Roman Stamm Motorradsport

Roman Stamm Motor Cycling

Multiple Podioums Positions and Long Distance World Champion

Motorcycling is dangerous and fast. Therefor we need nerves of steel and the neccessary suppleness. Especially the mind is making the difference. I was able to find the support I needed with Rinaldo Manferdini – a professional mental trainer for motorcycling.

Adrian Kübler Stabhochsprung

Adrian Kübler Pole Vault

Elite Podiums Positions and double Junior Swiss Champion

The challenges within pole vault are hiding in the perfect timing of several processes in order to show the perfect jump. Also several mental aspects play a key role as the slightest negative thought can risk your confidence and courage. Due to the outstanding support of Mental Drive, I was able to train physical processes within a short period of time that way, that I was able to show them even under pressure at the competitions. Additionally, I was able to optimize my mental training and mindset.

Roman Hugi Ballonfahren

Roman Hugi Ballooning

Multiple Top Placing at World-, European- and Swiss Championships

Those who want to reach the top in ballooning have to control a clear mind in challenging situations in order to take the right decision under pressure. Hence I started to fantastic collaboration with Mental Drive, since I was able to highly benefit from extended experience within elite sports.

Conny Berchtold Marathon

Conny Berchtold Marathon

Swiss Champion Swiss City Marathon Luzern and 3. Place at Jungfrau Marathon

Regardelss of your physical fitness, if your mind is not on target (especially at competitions, when fighting for victory and failure) you won’t have a change to perform your best level. Thank Goodness I am supported by Richi Umberg (running trainer) and Rinaldo Manferdini (mental trainer). Rinaldo was able to show me how to handle the countless mental challenges during the Jungfrau Marathon successfully.

My competition slogan: “winners don’t doubt – doubter don’t win.”

Christina Niederer Eiskunstlaufen

Christina Niederer Figure Skating

Swiss Cup „Züri Leu“ Elite-Champion and overall win ath the Internationalen Ice Trophy in Dornbirn

After practicing the mental trainings progam of Rinaldo Manferdini I was finally able to show my tripple jumps at high competitions. The periodization of the pre-start routine, mental suport in the technique procedure and the control of the emotional challenges under pressure were the key elements for my success.

Nina Thür Profi-Tänzerin

Nina Thür professional dancer

Professional Dancer

The expectations within professonal dancing ar extremely high. In order to please those mental training is an essential tool. The highly intense trainings combined with the constantly changing choreographic elements and perfection in movements during shows demand everything from us. I found the perfect support and help in the training of Mental Drive and was able to handle all these challenges mentally.

René Homberger Schiessen 300m

René Homberger Shooting 300m

Numerous Podiums positions at international and national competitions

The mental training of Mental Drive toughth me to right mindeset, the calm and focused physical movements and to control my negative emotions. Hence I was able to show my best performance even under high expectation and I am very grateful for this development.

Nadia Styger Ski alpin

Nadia Styger Ski alpin

Multiple World Cup Winner

Due to the mental training fo Mental Drive I was able to show the right balance of suppleness and strength at World Cup races. The “crowbar” stayed at the hotel – which made huge difference.

Dominik Bütikofer Badminton

Dominik Bütikofer Badminton

Numerous Wins in Single and Double

What tipped the scales this time was the mental training form Mental Drive. It supported me to show my strong trainings performance at the competitions. What it comes down to is the mindset under pressur whether you are able to show your best performance then when it counts.

Gebrüder Gubser Kajak

Gebrüder Gubser Kayak

Multiple Swiss Champion in in Kayak Double

With the support of the mental training of MEntal Drive I was able to optimise my pre-star preparation and my competition performance. In the Kayak Double the fine tuning has to be perfect in order to make the difference right at the top.

Felix Loretz Speerwerfen

Felix Loretz javelin

Multiple Swiss Champion

By the help of Mental Drive, I was able to optimise my pre-start-phase. I was able to control my negative emotions and the positive results proved me right.

Raphael Wietlisbach Minigolf

Raphael Wietlisbach Minigolf

Team World Champion

The mental training from Mental Drive tought me to control nervousness, disturbing thoughts and insecurity during my competitions. Now I know how to focus and show my best performance then when it counts.

Chantal Strasser Schwimmen

Chantal Strasser Schwimmen

European Champion 800m freestyle

For about 2 year, I wasn’t able to win due to my negative thoughts. With the support of professional mental training and the knowledge about how to control my negative thoughts even under pressure I turned into a winner.

Stefanie Baumann Para Schwimmen

Stefanie Baumann Para Schwimmen

Multiple World Champion, Junior World Champion in Para Sports.

With the help of the mental trainings program and nutritional support of Mental Drive, Stefanie Baumann learnt the ideal preparationfor international competitions. Due to her numerous medals and achievements she earned the nickname “Michael Phelps of para sport”.

Andrea Kümin Sportklettern

Andrea Kümin Sportklettern

Podium positions at international competitions

Climbing brings you to your physical and mental limits. Then it is extremely important to be able to focus on the key elements. Moves are planned in advance, mentally trained and implemented without compromises. Hesitation in the wrong moment equals a complete failure. With the great support of Rinaldo, I was able to perfectly prepare such challenges and implement the tools successfully into the competitions.