HC Davos

HC Davos

HC Davos 

Besides a strong development in the sportive education, mental strength is a key in bringing youngsters to the top. Consciously we support our athletes in developing the right mindset to stay physically and mentally sound in elite sports. Since 2017 Tina Dyck is supporting our youth teams with regular seminars. In 2019 she also picked up to work with individual athletes from the professional A-Team.

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Sandrine Benz

Swiss Karate National-Teams

from success to success - with MENTAL DRIVE

One of the most important skills in Karate is mental strength. Often, the outcome of a fight already is decided before it even started. Therefore, education and counselling in mental training has to be highly professional, as mili-seconds will make the difference.

Nutrition does have to live up to the same expectations. We optimised the basic diet and supoort higher focus, better regeneration, muscle buildup and a strong immune system with the most suitable products from FitLine-Produkten .

"Since 2007 we work with MENTAL DRIVE. Ever since, our athletes won numerous titles as World-, European- and Swiss-Championships; the elite athletes as well as our juniors. Our cooperation with Rinaldo Manferdini was worth every cent. In 2011, the Swiss Karate Federation had the most successfull European Championships with 2x Gold and 1x Bronce."

Roland Zolliker, President Swiss Karate Federation 

"The Junior European Championships in 2015 were held in Switzerland and our most successful EC so far: 2x Gold, 1x Silver, 2x Bronce, 2x 5th place. Mainly due to our strong mindeset.

Daniel Humbel, Chief elite sports Swiss Karate

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Beat Hefti

Beat Hefti

Olympic Champion, and multiple World Champion and World Cup Winner 

At the Olympic Games 2006 in Turin, I was part of team Martin Annen. Due to our mental strength we were able to win 2x Bronze. The preparation to this international event was done with Rinaldo Manferdini. Hence I decided to continue to work with Rinaldo in order to prepare my team for the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi.  As pilot, I am well aware of the importance of mental strength under pressure. Everything was possible at these Games - therefore we left nothing to chance, but covered every area with reknown experts. 

Olympic Gold in 2-bob and an Olympic Diploma with 4-bob was the fantastic result. All the hard work did pay off. 

We also improved our nutrition with FitLine-Produkte so the we were more resilient under pressure: faster regeneration, stronger immune system and a higher focues were important improvements.

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Sandrine Benz

Swiss Ski Athleten

Both National Teams (female and male) in cross country skiing were systematically coached and educated in mental trainings techniques from 2003 - 2006. This included counselling of both National Trainer. Ever since, the successful coaching has become an individual one-on-one education and also includes sports nutrition. 

Besides our professional cross country skiiers, athletes from other disciplines such as alipne, ski cross, freestyle, snowboard (female and male) did pick up to work with MENTAL DRIVE in the field of mental training and nutrition. 

Islandpferde Nationalmannschaft

Islandpferde Nationalmannschaft

Due to their extensive success and know-how in working with equestrians on top level, we did pick up a successful cooperation with trainers from MENTAL DRIVE.

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Piranha Chur

Piranha Chur

Swiss Champion and Cup Winner 

To reach our high goals in Unihockey, we chose MENTAL DRIVE as partner to work on the perfect mindest. We could benefit from extensive knowledge and experience from the international elite sports within out seminars and individual coachings. 

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Sandrine Benz

ASG Swiss Golf

Since 2015 we work with MENTAL DRIVE.

The modular and unique education and coaching concept in mental training as well as the success of our athletes convinced us: Mental Drive know how belongs to the best.

Martin Annen

Bobteam Martin Annen

Olympic Games 2006 in Turin: Bronze in 2-bob and 4-bob

We didn't want to leave anything by chance. In preparation to the Olympic Games 2006 in Turin we bond up with a team of experts: Rinaldo Manferdini was our partner for nutrition and mental training. Due to his MENATL DRIVE trainings concept, we were able to keep our strong mindset even under highest pressure. We won in 2-bob as well as in 4-bob the Bronze medal!

Rico Peter

Bobteam Rico Peter

World Cup Winner and European Cup Champion

Since several years, we are working with Mental Drive. After several Swiss Champion Titel, European and World Cup medalls we were able to achieve our first World Cup Win. Rinaldos mental training and the products of  FitLine were the best support.

Swiss Swimming

Swiss Swimming

Swimmer of the National Teams

From 2000-2006 Swiss Swimming was able to celebrate some of their greatest achievements. The professional mental training and optimized sports nutrition from Rinaldo Manferdini played a key role in our strong development. This included all teams: Juniors National Team all the way to the Olympic selection, including counselling of the trainer team in sport psychologic questions. 

Ever since, numerous elite swimmers are supported and trained by MENTAL DRIVE. 

Wheelchair-Rugby National Team

Wheelchair-Rugby National Team

Mental strength: the key to win

2004 and 2005, we successfully worked with MENTAL DRIVE to improve our mindest in preparation to the European Championships.