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Smart Reading

The amount of documents and texts one has to read on a daily base has increased significantly, due to the development of the internet.

Hence it is essentially important on whether one takes 10 mins for one Din-A-4 page or only 4 mins. Projected on the reading amount per day, week or month it makes a difference of hours, which could be highly useful for other responsibilities. As soon as you have to read mails, newspapers, books or work online, you can highly benefit from the Smart Reading Technique.

This technique is way more than only speed reading. Smart Reading is a reading competence training, by which you will read more in detail, increase the speed of your reading pace, gain an overview over the whole text much faster to find the relevant passages and remember the content easier.

Why reading slowly, if it could be way faster?!

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Within the interview with FUTURA TV Rinaldo Manferdini explains the Smart Reading Technique, by which the client will be able to increase the individual reading speed remarkably, while capturing the text completly.

Tina E. L. Dyck

Tina E. L. Dyck

Business Partner