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Swiss Olympic Medical Center Bad Ragaz
Swiss Olympic Medical Center Bad Ragaz

Swiss Olympic Medical Center Bad Ragaz

Since years, the Swiss Olympic Medical Center (SOMC) in Bad Ragaz is an important address for elite athletes within their regular sport medical check-ups and general counselling. To also cover the high expectations of our clients regarding mental training, we asked the expert Rinaldo Manferdini to hold SOMC workshops, presentations as well as individual coachings, in 2006. In 2018, Tina Dyck joined the team as in-house mental trainer from MENTAL DRIVE.

Swiss Olympic Medical Center der Medbase-Gruppe
Swiss Olympic Medical Center Bad Ragaz

Swiss Olympic Medical Center of the Medbase-Gruppe

Our medical center of competence provides high-end medical and health supportive services. We offer a full range all under one roof: sport medicine, physiotherapy, nutrition, medical massage, TCM, gym. Rinaldo Manferdini is an expert in mental training, qualified Swiss Olympic trainer and does successfully support our team and clients together with business partner Thomas Reutimann, since years. The collaboration takes place at our centers in St. Gallen, Winterthur, Zürich, Zug, Bern Bahnhof and Thun.

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Liechtenstein Olympic Committee (LOC)

Liechtenstein Olympic Committee (LOC)

In order to support our athletes at the highest standard, we not only collaborate with experts in medical science but also in mental training. Due to our high expectations we chose to work with Rinaldo Manferdini and Tina Dyck of MENTAL DRIVE GmbH. They provide the needed competences, work with a modular trainings concept, respect the individual needs of our athletes and bring longterm experience in international elite sports. 

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Swiss Sporttherapieschule

Swiss School in Sports Therapy

We offer diverse educational programs to support our clients, athletes and patients during their phase of rehabilitation and injuries. Additionally, we offer specific performance enhancing procedures as well as preventive approaches to reduce the risk of re-injury. We have highest expectation regarding the knowhow and extensive expertise inelite sports to our partners. Hence our longterm collaboration with MENTAL DRIVE GmbH as they guarantee the highest standard and quality in mental training.

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Sportschule Appenzellerland

Sportschule Appenzellerland

Ideal solutions for schools and professional trainings routine: this is our credo for talented future athletes and stars. Our School of Sport is connected to scientist, medical experts and part of the outstanding network “Appenzellerland Sport”. We support young talents during their academic, sportive and professional development.

Highest level of quality in all areas is our first priority, which also includes the field of mental training and nutrition. Due to this requirement we are working with Rinaldo Manferdini and Tina Dyck from MENTAL DRIVE, since 2012. Our athletes benefit from their extensive expertise in international elite sports through individual coachings and seminars. Being a member of the “Praxisgroup Olympia”, Rinaldo belongs to the exclusive circle of mental trainers and psychologists that are trusted to work with Swiss Olympic elite athletes in preparation to international high-end events and competitions. 

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Orientierungsschule Visp (Schule + Sport), Swiss Olympic Partner School

School of Orientation Visp (School + Sport), Swiss Olympic Partner School

The mind doesn’t only play a key role during the educational and academic progress, but also in sports: The moment when an athletes is ought to show the very best performance right when it counts. In order to provide the ability to cope with high pressure and expectations, we chose Rinaldo Manferdini as our mental trainer. Rinaldo not only is renown and established in international elite sports but also provides long term experience in teaching. His company MENTAL DRIVE is internationally recognized as reliable partner for highest quality, professionalism and success. 

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Alte Kantonsschule Aarau, Swiss Olympic Partner School

Alte Kantonsschule Aarau, Swiss Olympic Partner School

We support our students on their road to success within several areas. Since 2011, we added professional mental training and nutrition to our program. Rinaldo Manferdini, CEO of Mental Drive GmbH, is in charge of the education and also the individual coaching on request. The positive feedback confirms our choice. 

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STS - Sjögren`s Tennis School

STS - Sjögren`s Tennis School

The Sjögren`s Tennis School is a Swiss Tennis Partner Academy and renown for success and highest quality. In order to also train our elite athletes mentally, we picked up a collaboration with mental trainer Tina Dyck from MENTAL DRIVE in 2017. 

“After a short period of time, our tennis athletes realised valuable improvements in the ability to focus, control their negative emotions and mental strength. They were able to increase their discipline, ability to handle mistakes and reduced frustrated outbursts significantly.” Michèle Sjögren

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Toku Sports Kriens

TOKU SPORTS is an ALL-IN AGENCY for your sportive career.

We manage your personal and sportive environment, while keeping the focus on the human being and its personal needs. Due to our long term expertise in the field of sports management, we are able to offer a professional, reliable and complete solution for your development. Together with you we plan your whole career until professional life. 

Thomas Reutimann from MENTAL DRIVE is our expert in mental training. He is an expert in elite sport and highly successful mental trainer. He will guide you personally on your individual path while developing the best solutions with you. 


Klinik Hirslanden St. Anna im Bahnhof Luzern

Clinic Hirslanden St. Anna, main station Luzern

Swiss Olympic approved

In order to support our elite athletes also in the field of mental development, we started a professional collaboration with the team from MENTAL DRIVE. The mental trainers MD are experts and Swiss Olympic approved. 

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Sportpraxis am See

Sportpraxis am See

Being a Swiss Olympic Medical Base we provide professional services and support for elite athletes in the «Sportpraxis am See» in Münsterlingen and at the «Kantonsspital Münsterlingen». Due to our own experience within international sport, we highly appreciate professional know how in mental training and understand its necessity. We chose Rinaldo Manferdini as our specialist in mental training, as he provides long term experience in international training and is Swiss Olympic approved.

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richi theCoach

Richi the Coach

Since years, we successfully collaborate with MENTAL DRIVE. Their seminars, workshops and individual coaching guarantee professional highest quality in mental training. Additionally, we benefit from their expertise as Swiss Olympic partner in the Medical Center Bad Ragaz. 

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ProBase Breuss, Tennis-Akademie für Spitzensportler

ProBase Breuss, Tennis Academy for elite athletes

We only work with top athletes. Therefore we owe the highest standard of training to them. Not only regarding technique, tactic, athletic, strength, therapies and nutrition, but also and especially in mental training. The huge expertise of Rinaldo Manferdini from MENTAL DRIVE, who is the only mental trainer of Swiss Olympic in the “Praxisgruppe Olympics”, is a significant improvement to our athletes. We only accept the best for the best. 

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Save time with efficient and evidence based methods at the location of your choice. Enjoy your progress through health oriented training and sustainable therapies. The range compasses check-ups, trainings planning, individual coaching, nutrition, seminars and presentations for private individuals and companies. Experts with sport scientific background and expertise in renown establishments await you.