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Our individual nutrition counselling is centred on optimising nutrient absorption and transport to the cells to provide ideal conditions for your health and performance- optimisation. The counselling is often combined with mental training, because in the end it is our head that decides what to choose, buy and eat.

For this purpose it is important to consider individual preferences and limitations, as well as personal and professional circumstances. Solutions are drawn up and implemented in cooperation with you and individually adjusted to you. We also support you in controlling your weight (build-up / reduction) and with targeted application of natural supplements. Our seminars and consultations are based on long-term experience and scientific findings, which means, that our knowledge includes medical and nutritional knowledge as well as gourmet-cooking elements.

There is no such thing like the right diet – there only is the individually optimised diet. Due to this fact, our nutrition is focused on the following criteria:

Nutrition is supposed:

That’s why we take eating-habbits of our clients very seriously and try to find and develop the best possible solution. We are looking forward to support you in changing your habbits and reaching your personal goals.

It’s up to you whether you use the new year to slow down or fire up. (Henry Ford)


Case Example

Weight Loss

Sara D., 22 years old, 1.68m tall, 115 kg.

After unsuccessfully trying out several diets, Sara had reached a dangerous low in her life. She was lost and helpless. After analyzing her situation, Sara was ought to express and visualize the higher value of losing weight.

We then discussed the first little steps on how to gently adjust her nutritional diet as well as the possibilities of implementing more movement into her weekly routine. For documentational reasons, we noted her most important body-data. In the following session, we planned a few mental trainings programs, that should support Sara in diverse projects. Additionally, she was supposed to find “smart” rewards for reaching smaller milestones in her development. Within a short time, Sara was able to work successfully towards her personal goals, so that her mother and a good friend also started our nutritional coaching.

Tina E. L. Dyck

Tina E. L. Dyck

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